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Managing Director (Boston, MA)

Helping bridge the gap between technology and apparel/footwear companies seeking to collaborate on innovation projects. We also assist in the identification and development of strategic partnerships, potential customers, end user groups and the selection of key suppliers in the advanced textiles and wearable technology industries. We also support in defining the problem set, identifying potential solutions, identify product- market-fit, storytelling, the commercialization strategy and business development opportunities for advanced textiles wearable tech, smart apparel and footwear initiatives. 

Senior Manager, Research & Testing (Dover, NH)

Leading research and testing initiatives for VF Corp's Global Innovation Center. Focused on new and emerging technologies. 

VF Corp is the parent company of Timberland, The North Face, Vans, Lucy, Reef, Smart Wool, Nautica, Lee, Wrangler, Kipling, Eagle Creek, JanSport etc.

Senior Manager, Research & Testing (Stratham, NH)

Defined the overall direction for applied research programs, product performance expectations and execution strategies that served to identify product opportunities, and guided footwear design concepts. Also led the establishment of relationships with external research facilities to provide supplemental research and testing support.

Co-Founder & CEO (Boston, MA)

Sensible Baby revolutionized the way the juvenile products industry viewed what was possible for infant monitoring. We helped bring peace of mind to parents fingertips with the ability to wirelessly track, monitor activities and the environment of your sleeping baby from a smart device.

Senior Materials Engineer (Natick, MA)

  • Supported the engineering design, definition, development, testing and evaluation, and production of personal equipment used by Airmen
  • Developed and maintained the technical specifications under the Air Force Uniform Office’s jurisdiction spanning all the clothing and footwear used for Airmen
  • Collaborated with private industry and Government agencies to improve commercial and non-commercial clothing and footwear products
  • Provided technical support and guidance during the verification, implementation and maintenance phases of office programs


Lead Footwear Project Engineer (Natick, MA)

  • Supported the engineering design, definition, development, testing and evaluation, production, and procurement of footwear materiel solutions.
  • Developed and maintained the technical specifications for each of the US Army’s footwear programs spanning the full spectrum of operating environments.
  • Coordinated and conducted the proper execution of product user evaluations
  • Maintained and operated the Footwear Performance Laboratory at NSRDEC
  • Collaborated with private industry and Government agencies to improve commercial products for various footwear capabilities
  • Monitored contractor activities and vendor performance to assure progress on technical performance
  • Acted as contracting officer representative between contractor and program office at Fort Belvoir


Exercise Specialist (Atlanta, GA)

  • Identified, analyzed, and rectified abnormal functional gait and motor patterns to improve work capacity and locomotive efficiency.
  • Used the GAITRite system, with use of pressure distribution patterns, to identify ambulatory abnormalities in human biomechanics.
  • Prescribed and designed treatment plans for spinal cord injured (SCI), traumatic brain injured (TBI), and non-injured clients
  • Performed appropriate physical assessments and documentation of patients/clients
  • Developed personalized sports performance training programs based on biomechanical video analysis, physiological testing, and performance goals
  • Executed functional and performance testing protocols

Graduate Assistant, Mechanical & Biomedical Engineering Department (Boise, ID)

  • Studied lower leg biomechanics, specifically footwear interaction with artificial playing surfaces
  • Investigated shoe-turf interactions funded by the National Football League (NFL) Foot and Ankle Committee
  • Conducted friction and traction analyses with Kistler force plates to study loading effects of footwear
  • Studied the torsional and translational traction characteristics and behavior of athletic footwear
  • Purpose was to identify footwear and surface loads that exceed musculoskeletal limits to maximize the athletes’ comfort and protection
  • Applied statistical techniques using SPSS to determine significant associations between experimental groups
  • Assisted in additional biomechanical research projects
  • Examined various Superior Labrum Anterior Posterior lesion (SLAP lesion) provocative tests using EMG systems, an isokinetic dynamometer, and goniometer
  • Investigated the effect of independent loading conditions on traction between athletic footwear and artificial turf
  • Presented research projects in both podium and poster form at national and regional American Society of Biomechanics meetings
  • Presented and performed public speaking events in rooms with several hundred attendees
  • Fielded questions and discussed biomechanical topics in an open forum with professionals in the biomechanics industry